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Congregation Ahavas Achim



Congregation Ahavas Achim has been a part of Newburyport since March 9, 1896. We are a welcoming Jewish Community which strives to educate and inspire individuals and families to participate actively in prayer, Torah study, Jewish Life experience, and the performance of Mitzvot. We are an extremely diverse community and we welcome families and individuals from all backgrounds. We seek to enrich the lives of our community members, contribute to the continued vitality of the Jewish People, and we commit ourselves to Gemilus Chassadim―acts of kindness.

Please join us for Shabbos Davening every Saturday morning at 9:00am. The tefilot  and Torah Reading are led each week by Rabbi Avi Poupko. The Torah Reading is      characterized with lively discussion, questions and insights on the weekly Torah            Portion. Services are always followed by a beautiful Kiddush. Please join us!

Observing Jewish Rituals in both a traditional and spiritually meaningful way is central  to our practice here at Ahavas Achim. 

Please check our CALENDAR for all our upcoming events, programs, Adult Ed classes and services.


CLICK HERE to RSVP for our Annual Community Shabbat Dinner on Friday, February 6 at 6:00pm


SPONSOR a Shabbat Morning Kiddush

NOTE: A "large" Shabbat Kiddush is on the mornings of a Shabbat Morning Experience  and there is a larger crowd. A regular Kiddush sponsorship is $72 and $108 for a larger Kiddush. THANK YOU!

01/10/2015 Jan 10-LARGE Shabbat Kiddush Open Register Now
01/31/2015 Jan 31-LARGE Shabbat Kiddush Open Register Now
02/07/2015 Feb 7-LARGE Shabbat Kiddush Open Register Now
02/14/2015 Feb 14-Shabbat Kiddush Open Register Now
02/21/2015 Feb 21-Shabbat Kiddush Open Register Now
02/28/2015 Feb 28-LARGE Shabbat Kiddush Open Register Now



Wed, 28 January 2015 8 Shevat 5775